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beautiful black woman in the amazon jungle wearing white dress and smiling with arm raised towards face.

Gabrielle Manuel, RMT

Gabrielle specializes in utilizing all her gifts and acquired skills to give you a truly dynamic energy session. Coining the title energetic hygienist, one of her goals is to help humanity recognize that our energetic hygiene is just as important as our physical hygiene and should be handled with the same care and attention in order to bring the body into the full alignment that so many are seeking. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, New Paradigm MDT energy healer, certified Heart Math Mentor and professional sound and vibrational therapist. She believes that both her and her clients are the healers and works to enlighten them with their own personal power. In working with her clients, she aims to show them their own divine light that will allow healing to take place during and after her sessions.  

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