Treatment Options

Discounted treatment packages for in-person healings (limited time only) are available HERE!

Spirit Session

Brittany's specialty 2 hour session for both coaching and hands on healing. Spirit Session are a holistic mind/body experience. Bring an open heart and heart centered intentions.

These sessions are designed for individuals who want to dive deeper into their self-healing journey. The session begins with coaching followed by a hands-on treatment which may include massage, bodywork and energy work. Feel for yourself how body and energy work integrated with mindful intentions can help you to go deep into your subconscious, reveal your programmed conditioning and guide you to breakthroughs along your healing journey. Brittany assists in your healing of physical manifestations of stress, anxiety and emotional pain in the body and sort through the mental and emotional blockages. Her goal is to help you to embody your highest self.

Please wear non restrictive clothing and 

option to bring a journal.


Integrative Bodywork

Based on thousands of years of Eastern Philosophy and methods of healing, Brittany's integrative bodywork combines Thai, Shiatsu and Tui Na practices. She works along the Chinese meridian pathways using acupressure, compressions and passive stretches. Bodywork provides deep energetic work which serves the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the receiver. Eastern philosophies of health are holistic and incredibly therapeutic. Bodywork moves stagnant energy and may release emotional trauma trapped in the body. A very powerful and energizing treatment.

Performed on a floor mat, receivers should wear comfortable, movable that is not restrictive.


Swedish Massage

Our healers use gentle massage techniques and therapeutic massage oil to promote relaxation and stress reduction through our Swedish Massage offering. This treatment increases blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, decreases cortisol (the stress hormone) and improves immune function. A Swedish Massage Treatment will help you to find balance when you are mentally and physically feeling overwhelmed.⁣ This treatment helps to sooth an overactive mind and body into a complete state of relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

Our healers offer a Deep Tissue Massage treatment which is ideal for accessing deeper layers of musculature to relieve pain, muscle tightness, stiffness and discomfort. If you are looking for relief of chronic pain and to move stagnant energy deep in your musculature, this is the treatment for you.

IMG_0474 (1).jpg

Cupping Massage - Deep Tissue

Cupping is a Chinese therapy that uses suction cups to loosen muscles and encourage blood flow. This treatment helps to relieve back and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, and even cellulite. It increases blood flow to the affected areas, which can ease swelling, pain and break up knots and adhesions. Cupping helps your muscles prepare for deep tissue massage making it easier to access the deep layers of muscle. 

Cupping leaves circular marks on the skin which can several days to fully fade.

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Essential Oil Treatment

Enjoy the aromas and health benefits of 9 different pure, therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils. The Essential oil treatment combines targeted massage techniques and distinct energy approaches that bring balance and harmony to the mind and body. These pure essential oils have incredible healing properties that boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, detoxifies the body, reduces stress and anxiety and so much more.

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Reiki Healing
Reiki & Bodywork
Reiki & Massage
Distance Reiki

Reiki Healing-

Reiki is a Japanese energetic healing technique. Using hands on and off the receiver’s body the practitioner acts as a conduit to channel life source energy to activate the natural healing processes of the receiver's body. Reiki promotes physical and emotional well-being by bringing you back to your natural state of balance.

Reiki and Bodywork- 

Combine Reiki healing with integrated bodywork techniques for a powerful alignment.

Reiki and Massage-

Combine Reiki healing with restorative massage therapy to reset your energy.

Distance Reiki-

If you are not in Chicago or available to come in for a physical treatment, you may schedule distance Reiki healing sessions. My distance Reiki clients can experience the same amount of breakthroughs.


In-person Coaching

Mentor with Brittany in person to expand your healing in sacred space. Brittany is passionate about working with clients in transmuting trauma and emotional challenges. She helps others to embody their most authentic selves. She is passionate about working with women who are wanting to fully expand into their muti-faceted selves. Coaching can help you shift your mindset, create healthy habits and discover self limiting beliefs and shift your mindset. Brittany helps aid you in the process of unlearning conditioned belief systems and helping you to access the full spectrum of who you are.


Vibrational Bodywork
Vibrational Bodywork & Massage

Vibrational Bodywork-

Offered by healer Selena, experience quartz singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal therapy and flower essences. Attention is given to the subtle bodies and the auric field. This is 60 minute treatment performed on a floor mat. Please wear movable and comfortable clothing.

Vibrational Bodywork and Massage-

experience a beautiful 60 minute massage with 30 additional minutes of vibrational bodywork.


Akashic Records Reading
Akashic Reading & Vibrational Bodywork
Virtual Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading-

Offered by healer Selena, this intuitive session utilizes the pendulum and works with charts and books to guide a talk-based investigation alongside the subconscious mind. New perspectives are offered to shift the client onto an inspired path of clarity and direction. Book this session when you're feeling spiritually lost, unmotivated or confused about your purpose. This is a 60 minute session.

Akashic Records Reading & Vibrational Bodywork-

Experience a 60 minute Akashic records reading followed by 30 minutes of Vibrational Bodywork to integrate.

Virtual Akashic Records Reading-

A virtual Akashic Records reading available as a distance healing service for anyone unable to visit us in person!