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Spirit and Matter Collective


Selena Thacher, LMT

Selena is a licensed massage therapist, vibrational bodyworker, and certified pendulum dowser. Since 2007, she's worked with the power of loving touch and continues to learn about the innate healing ability of the body. As a musician, working with sound and vibration came naturally. In 2015, she became certified as a pendulum dowser and uses this kinesiological tool to further assist clients in releasing tension. Each session focuses on providing customized care, multidimensional relief, and holistic awareness. Her touch is slow and deliberate, which causes most people to fall asleep and encourages a deeper level of relief to take place within. If you have a hard time shutting down or letting go, Selena's sessions are sure to introduce you to a new space of relaxation. Selena is also an artist, writer, animal lover, aquarius and full-time nerd. She looks forward to holding space for you.

Selena's offerings:

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Vibrational Energetics

Akashic Record Readings


Gabrielle Manuel, RMT

Gabrielle specializes in utilizing all her gifts and acquired skills to give you a truly dynamic energy session. Coining the title energetic hygienist, one of her goals is to help humanity recognize that our energetic hygiene is just as important as our physical hygiene and should be handled with the same care and attention in order to bring the body into the full alignment that so many are seeking. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, New Paradigm MDT energy healer, certified Heart Math Mentor and professional sound and vibrational therapist. She believes that both her and her clients are the healers and works to enlighten them with their own personal power. In working with her clients, she aims to show them their own divine light that will allow healing to take place during and after her sessions.  

Gabrielle's Offerings:

Reiki Healing

Dynamic Alignment 

Tuning Fork Therapy

Singing Bowl Therapy

HeartMath Mentoring and Energetic Therapy

Vibroacoustic Bed and Energetic Therapy

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