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woman with brown hair with head tilted back laughing in front of a lake

Marianna Koziol, LMT, RMP

Graduate from The Soma Institute, Marianna specializes in treating various ailments from a clinical standpoint at core. Naturally drawn to the healing arts she pursued her passion of human anatomy in hopes of breaking out of a very unfulfilling office career at an engineering company years ago. Structural scoliosis, hip misalignment and TOS Syndrome began interfering with her day to day life during this time. Overwhelmed by physical pain followed by frequent doctors visits, physical therapy, and sleepless nights her body was begging for a change. Thus her healing journey began by seeking alternative routes and lifestyle changes to feel herself again, finding ways to treat the root cause not just the symptoms.


Experiencing all this first hand, Marianna's practice focuses on creating more space in the body for everything in between to feel more comfortable. Acknowledging the mind/body connection she understands the root of any physical discomfort has layers beyond the physical vessel itself. Her spiritual nature and undivided attention allows for holding space to deliver a unique healing experience with every session. 


Gifted with psychic abilities from an early age, energy work comes to Marianna naturally. Learning how to navigate her channeling abilities is an ever evolving process but visions are a main source of information. Master Level Reiki Practitioner, her sessions integrate her gifts and knowledge of the unseen with the intention of connecting and inspiring you to your inner light.

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