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Woman with teal hair laughing in nature holding a pink rose flower

Rachel Weber, RMP

Reiki Master Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, BA in Psychology

Hi! I'm Rachel! It's an honor to support you on your healing journey. 


Ten years ago, what began as a calling to look within myself turned into a life long dedication of service. My life had become an experience of intense PTSD, anxiety, and depression after years of repressing being sexually assaulted. All I wanted was to feel happy or joyful, yet those sensations were fleeting at best. I remember dissociating in class and having panic attacks at the post office, struggling to maintain a normal life. 


I knew something had to change. I knew I was meant for more than this cage of emotions and pain I felt trapped in. I knew there was a healthier way to live. 


I began studying psychology at Michigan State University to better understand the mind. I started making shifts in my diet, practicing mindfulness, and going to therapy around the same time. These changes aided me immensely; I went from living in crisis to a more manageable state. Yet, I still faced regular bouts of depression and moderate anxiety. My therapist said I was doing well enough to stop seeing her on a regular basis. I was confused, although I had improved greatly I still felt like there was so much more possible. According to those around me, my standards were quite high above what the average US adult experiences. I just knew there was a more vibrant life and deeper healing that was possible for me. 


As I continued my search for different modalities of healing, I received my first Illumination. I had never heard of this Andean Energy Healing technique, but in my soul I felt a resonance. I gave it a shot and what occurred in the session blew me away. Not only did I experience deep relaxation during the session which was difficult at that time to drop into, but also I left feeling filled with joy. As I walked down the street everything seemed more beautiful than before. My heart was opened and I felt deeply connected to myself in a way I had desired to feel for a long while. This newfound inner connection and sense of beauty persisted for weeks to come. I noticed blockages that once existed were now evaporated into understanding. 


Over the next few years, I continued to dive deeply into my personal healing journey. With time, I realized this path was becoming less about my own healing and more about my learning. After years of studying and embodying the teaching I received, I began sharing my intuitive gifts with others through Reiki Sessions, Women’s Circles, and Group Programs. 


Life came full circle in 2022, as I received the Munay Ki Rites, an initiatory energy transmission from the Qero Nation of the Andes. I was studying in Peru the exact energy healing technique that changed my own life years ago. It is a blessing to now hold Illuminations for others, as this style of energy work has had such a profound impact on my life. 


At the same time, I began my studies with the Shipibo in the Amazon of Peru. Learning from the plant medicine and master plant teachers has profoundly shaped me as a human and space holder. Intuitively, the plants work through me during energy work sessions. 


It is my deepest intention that our work together be transformative in a way that allows you to access your own inner wisdom through the body, heart, and soul. At the core of my work, I believe that we are all creative geniuses, hold intuitive talents, and a deep life purpose. Together, our work will unlock these inner knowings and illuminate your most authentic self. My approach is one of the heart. I believe there is strength in softness, breakthrough within truth, and devotion within discipline. It is an honor to serve you in these sessions and I look forward to connecting with you. 

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